Ever wonder why you do something when you know it’s not helping you achieve your purpose? In fact it’s detrimental and the exact opposite to what you’re trying to achieve?

Until now, unhealthy behaviours, limiting beliefs or thoughts, even illnesses have been conspiring against you, diminishing your drive, passion and life energy. By identifying how your inner saboteur is operating in your life, you can make phenomenal progress toward that which you want. It is possible to create as much love, fulfillment, success and joy you desire.

Understanding is power, and as we come to understand the reasons why we have a certain behaviour, or illness; we can then release it. Bringing darkness to the light for transformation; finally finding freedom from patterns, which have been keeping us stuck for so long. We feel a bliss that comes from such a release (enstasy), and we move on in the world with greater success, joy, and fulfilment.

Challenging our denial and our beliefs, facing your fear, processing anger and other emotions is something we can tend to avoid. Often we do this at the expense to our health and happiness, because we feel that in some way it keeps us safe; but it actually keeps us stuck. Safely guided to work through these barriers to your success, making peace with your pain, and resolving inner conflict allows you to step fully into the greatest expression of yourself.

Finding the wisdom inside the wounds you’ve endured is integral to healing and on the other side of it is the emotional freedom you need to live joyously and authentically in your own power.

These are a few benefits you may notice, working with Kirsty:

  • Rapid, transformational results, often in one 90 minute session*
  • Overcome Self Sabotage
  • Resolve illness
  • Break through denial & toxic emotions
  • Discover your unmet needs
  • Acknowledge your hurts & make peace with your pain
  • Uncover unconscious beliefs or toxic patterns & release them
  • Face your fears
  • Enhance self worth
  • Surrender those excuses
  • Process anger in a way that is beneficial rather than harmful
  • Alignment and integration of parts, body/ mind / soul
  • Find your enstasy (authentic inner joy)


*Session times are variable, and some clients or issues may require up to 3 sessions for desired outcomes.